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Bill Becraft

I posted an ad on the local website wanting someone to cut my hair at my home. I received many responses stating I might be a sex trafficker, or that my neighborhood is in a questionable area. Which it's NOT. Tammy Ash came to the rescue and responded. I'll do it! She stated she is not afraid of anyone with disabilities or in need of help. She was a delight and did a fantastic job. Highly recommend her and you will have a friend forever.

Deborah Huffman

Tammy came to my house to give my sons and myself our back to school haircuts. She was amazing! Not only did she do a wonderful job, but she connected with us on a deeper level, and even showed our puppies some BIG love! We were so blessed by her and would definitely refer her to anyone needing a cut. She was kind and respectful and very thorough. Thank you Tammy for all that you do for your clients!  Deborah, Gabe and Luke

Nancy Gant

She does a good job and so nice

Sherry Kopaska

I found Tammy through a Special Needs page on Facebook. Our daughter is 34 with severe CP, its difficult to get her out of the house. And I have never found anyone who could cut her hair because of her spasticity. Tammy does an awesome job. She also cuts my hair, being a caregiver 24/7 doesn't leave a whole lot of room for appts outside of the house. We love the great job that she does!

Tammy Fields

Tammy came to my house and cut and highlighted my hair. And I loved it. She is very friendly and very outgoing.

KC Hospice

We pass your name around quite a bit on our social work team. You're very valued by us!

April Gregory-Linder

She came to our house when no one else would touch Hudson. I'm so glad o one else would though, Tammy is the only one I trust with him. She is one of the kindest people I know. Thank you!
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