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A Full-Service In Home Hair Stylist & Nail Tech

At Designs by Ash, LLC, I provide reliable and affordable in home hair care services to clients up to

a 1 hour 10 min radius from Richmond, MO

As a hair specialist who caters to individuals who may be bedridden, in a wheelchair, or unable to stand for long periods, I have a unique skill set that allows me to cater to a specific clientele. My ability to wash hair and give perms while my clients remain seated or in a wheelchair is a testament to my expertise and knowledge in the field.

Many people may not realize how challenging it can be for individuals with mobility issues to perform even the most basic tasks, such as washing their hair or getting a haircut. My specialized approach not only makes these essential services accessible to those who need them, but it also provides a sense of independence and dignity for my clients.

By using a special funnel, I can efficiently and safely perm & wash my clients' hair while they remain seated in their wheelchair. Additionally, my expertise in giving perms means that my clients can still achieve their desired hairstyles without having to stand or move around. There are times where it is easier and faster to use a shampoo cap for washing hair, this will be at MY discretion.


My work is not only essential but also inspiring. My dedication to providing high-quality haircuts, styling services and nail care to those who need them is a testament to my compassion and commitment to my clients. 

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